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Workshop Profile

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The workshop on GeoSpatial and GeoTemporal Informatics took place on January 9 and 10, 2009 at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, Virginia.  It comprised three components:

  • short presentations by thirty two invited participants,
  • four birds-of-a-feather sessions on specific topics, and
  • two panel discussions.

The mix of invited participants included academics from several disciplines such as computer science, geoinformation science, engineering and geography, as well as representatives from industry, the government, and even K-12 educators. 


Workshop participants gave presentations which addressed the following questions about the field of geospatial and geotemporal informatics:

1. What is solved? Include expected and surprise successes.

2. What is almost solved? Include on-going hot areas.

3. What has failed? Include surprise failures.

4. What is missing? Discuss areas not currently on the radar.

5. What is next? Include both high risk and needed topics. 


The topics of the birds-of-a feather sessions were:

1.    Geovisual Analytics and Multimedia;

2.    From Long-Term Monitoring to Persistent Surveillance and GeoSensor Networks;

3.    The Effect of Google Earth and Similar Technologies; and

4.    Context Areas Beyond the Traditional CS and GIS 


The panel discussions, which concluded the two days of the workshop, addressed the following topics:

1.    Academic Research in View of Latest Industry Developments and Actual Government and Society Needs; and

2.    Emerging and Anticipated Future Trends and Needs: How Research Can Respond to Society Needs.


The workshop award summary may be found here.

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